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Our combined staff has over 70 years of experience in the high voltage industry and more than 40 years of experience in the civil industry. Due to our respected, trusted, and recognized reputation, we are proud to share that High Voltage Power and Civil Limited is continuously expanding. The demand for our expertise is rising, which allows us to welcome additional staff and team members to further conquer new, exciting projects and deliver exceptional work.

Our mission

We believe in creating lifelong partnerships. It is our mission and top priority to provide exceptional quality service and establish strong communication and customer relations. Our goal is to complete each project with flawless execution.

Our team

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing preventative solutions and onsite resolutions. We are here to help our customers with all their high voltage and civil requirements.

Our promise

At High Voltage Power and Civil Limited, we will continue to conquer, deliver, and exceed your expectations.

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    Permanent Power

    A fixed location which requires consistent power, long-term

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    Temporary Power

    Remote locations which require power, short-term

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    Dedicated to civil infrastructures

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